вівторок, 3 травня 2016 р.

Start of painting way. Past century

90, the beginning of Perestroika. All of us, the artists for the first time felt that in addition to work in advertising, we can finally make the most favorite thing in our life - painting. It is becoming popular. Being in an environment  at that time I started to think  of entering the Union of Artists.
  Already I had in my artistic heritage of 110 sq. metres of murals on Kuyalnik and in other interiors. I tried to apply the documents. But the so-called "creative union" of like-minded people still is pro-Soviet organization in which thrives nepotism and kinship. After two failed attempts, I  fully closed this topic to myself. 
 I'm going through life in the position of an independent artist. 
 In these years I have created a series of works in which I searched for a balanced and calibrated composition, color and  linearity. These works I show on this page. 
  During the creation of the Maritime Galleries, I was incredibly lucky,  management  of the Black Ship Company decided to edit the calendar  with my works. It was printed in Italy and it was a great and unexpected surprise for me.
 Unfortunately, I have not found a single instance of the calendar, and here I use a photo taken on  iPhone from old photos, so the quality is not very good.


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